Premium Prerolls

Grateful Greenery’s premium prerolls are made using only nugs of Grateful Greenery flower, machine packed for even consistency into Raw unbleached hemp cones, and the top of the cones are tucked in by hand to the improve the initial burn.  Finally, the cones are sealed in individual airtight tubes to lock in freshness.  Available in a variety of Grateful Greenery strains, our current selection includes Bruce Banner, Chemdawg #4, Cookie Glue, Do-si-dos, Grease Monkey, Lemon Kush, J-1, and many more.  We currently offer a 2-pack of .5-gram prerolls and individually sealed 1-gram prerolls.  For unpackaged prerolls purchased in bulk, please check with our sales team for pricing.  

A preroll is an inexpensive, discreet, disposable, and convenient way to share the love of cannabis among friends!  Make sure to pick up our premium prerolls at your local dispensary or inquire about an order with our sales team.